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Structures Dated as Nazca and Verified as Hydraullic System via Satellite Images

Quoting myself from my Metafilter Post:
Scientists have solved an ancient Peruvian mystery from space
By using corkscrewing funnels, the Nazca were able to use wind to move underground water supplies without benefit of electricity, thus allowing for “an inexhaustible water supply throughout the year" and "an intensive agriculture of the valleys in one of the most arid places in the world.”

It was previously believed that the funnels served as maintenance entrances for annual cleaning of the aqueducts and were likely capped in some manner to keep debris out (which now seems very unlikely). It has also been much debated whether they were an artifact of Nazca civilization, later Inca civilization or introduced more recently by the Spanish in the 16th century. It seems the two significant conclusions from the recent satellite research are 1) they have dated these structures to the Nazca time period, settling the long standing debate about their age and origin, and 2) the unusual …