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What the Fox, eh?

Voice clip samples from me goofing off one night a few weeks back, trying to figure out how to record stuff on my tablet.

Fairly Representative:

Michele in California:

Pretty Pleased:


I recorded the clips one night -- apparently on a Friday night -- and then I spent most of the next day trying to find a free place to upload audio files. Blogger has built-in support for directly uploading pictures and video but not audio files. I think I signed up for about 4 services and don't remember what all they are. One was Sound Cloud, which gave me some HUGE freaking embedded thing to play these tiny little audio clips, bigger than some of the embedded videos I have seen. Geez. Then, I had to track down an article to find code for adding an audio player in html to my BlogSpot posts because using links was having them leave my website to play the clip. 

I had told my sons to figure out how to do audio clips on the tablet earlier in that same week and they had maybe done some …

Dreams are an Idiolect

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, I wrote a dream journal entry titled The Back Porch is Closing In. This is an excerpt from that post. I am posting it here because I have long recorded my dreams and interpreted them. I think they are meaningful, but I don't buy into the woo ideas of "certain symbols have certain mystical meanings (for everyone, all the time)." This particular post impressed my oldest son as explaining clearly why this dream image had the meaning it had for me, in very concrete terms without any mysticism. So I want to share that here:

I had a dream about the back porch having 4'x8' particle board sheets nailed up around the railing, even shutting off the opening to the stairs. I climb on top of something and see if I can't climb over the boards and get in. I can't manage it but someone more spry than me probably could. So it hasn't been completely secured, but it is a lot less open and vulnerable than it has been.

Man, I have like a mi…

The Art of Giving Good Advice

On June 17, 1992, a mere 10 days after I turned 27, I decided to buy a house. I was a homemaker with two young kids and no savings at all. My husband's reaction to my announcement was that I was nuts.

Because we had no savings, when it was time to bid on a house, I asked for the seller to pay the closing costs. I made the offer nervously, with my heart in my mouth. To my surprise, they readily agreed. This was a magical moment and felt like a huge slam dunk.

It was wonderful and fantastic to ask something that sounded so unreasonable and get it. It felt like a really big deal and it felt like a key piece of the puzzle. We moved in to our new house on August 1st, about six weeks after I decided I wanted to buy a house.

It went so well, I never had any feeling of regret or self doubt, even though such feelings are so common when buying a house that there is a name for it (buyer's remorse). It's a quite impressive little accomplishment and I'm sure a lot of folks would…