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Having a Sad

There was an Ask on Metafilter recently. Two of my three replies were deleted. This is the Ask: Resources for Husbands of Rape Survivors

And this is my most recent reply, that got deleted:
From an article recently posted to the blue:
When the loan shark became dissatisfied with the repayment rate, he sexually assaulted Ramesh’s sister. There was also an episode of Law and Order where they ultimately conclude that a woman was raped because her fiancĂ©e was trying to get out of dealing drugs and his boss assaulted her to try to force him to keep dealing. (I have spent considerable time searching and, unfortunately, not ID'd the episode.) So this is a known thing that one way to hurt a decent man is to sexually assault a woman close to him that he cares about.

Please note, my first example is not fictional, it is a real world example, and it was his sister, not his wife or girlfriend. I am pointing that out to say explicitly that part of your upset has nothing to do with the fac…