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I have been using Xabber on Metafilter chat. I had a lot of problems with it. It fairly often crashed my tablet. Private messages only worked if the other person was using the chat client pidgin. It caused other people to crash their browser if they tried to send me a private message. When on wifi, it was very unstable and logged me in and out all day. There were probably other issues I am blissfully forgetting.

The Metafilter moderator pb kindly did some research and found that Jabiru is more compatible with the chat program used by Metafilter. For mefi chat, Jabiru is superior in every way to Xabber except one: Initial setup is a confusing pain. It took me two days with help from pb to work out the bugs. So I have written a tutorial.

If set up correctly, Jabiru is more stable even on wifi and does not log off randomly or crash my tablet. Private messages work. It uses fewer MB of space on the tablet. It is prettier and generally more intuitive.

This is the opening screen with the me…