Helping You Look Your Best

If you would like to hire me to polish your resume:

I need a copy of your current resume. Sharing via Google Drive works well.

I need some idea of who you are, where you are coming from and where you hope to go. This is often accomplished with 2-3 paragraphs about yourself and 1-3 links to representative job adverts.

I charge $30/page. If your resume is a hair over a page and you want it fitted onto one page, I can get it down to a page. I will charge you only $30.

You can send me the resume, additional info and PayPal payment via my talithamichele gmail address. At this point in time, I can get it back to you within three days (often the same day, if it is sent early enough in the day).

Number of Pages:
More than 3 pages?
Select "1 page" and change the number under "Quantity."
I can also provide related services, such as editing a list of KSAs for your federal job search so you have more verbiage to work with in filling out your application.


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