open mic: Spouting off about women's issues, UBI, etc.
Random Ass Comics: Comics turned NSFW fiction.
San Diego Homeless Survival Guide
Mic Eats: My food blog.

Semi Active:
Astrology Bitch: Bitching about life and bad astrology. Very sweary.
Raising Future Adults: My newest parenting blog, replacing Raising Kane and Romanov.
Gig Works: Work opportunities in the new economy.
Mic Wears: Exploring my relationship to clothes.
Write Pay: How to make money writing online.
Feminist Slacking: Movie reviews and what not.
GIS Porn: Eye candy that is map/GIS-related.
Pee on a Tree: Potty humor tries to save the world.
Project: SRO
Not Another Money Blog
What Helps The Homeless

Backburner Hell:
Business Bootstrappers: The Google Group is active, even though the website is not.
Lil November: The adventures of a little girl and her demonic friends.
The Memome Project: Exploring the Architecture of Ideas
Mic Digs: In theory, this shall be about home stuff.
R/Housing Works
Pedestrian Planners
Doreen Traylor Designs


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