A compilation of info relevant to my attempts to get involved in projects via things I already know. (I am tending to add new things at the top, though I am not promising this will be some hard and fast rule.) Friendly Open Source projects should reserve specific issues for newbies.
Ask HN: Where to find people to code together with? (Has a link to on Github.)
Ask HN: What are some ways to support open source projects besides writing code?
Ask HN: Any open-source project in need of a Technical Writer?
Ask HN: How do you organize your personal code library?
Ask HN: Is the a list of free Software Services?
HN discussion of CSS Reference
Totally awesome interactive tutorial: Web Design in 4 minutes Related: HN Discussion

HN Discussion: How to contribute to an open source project on GitHub

My questions:
Any tips on how to begin interacting with open source projects on the copywriting and website development piece of things?

Could you elaborate a bit on how to get involved in the non-programming piece for us non-programmers, like designers and copywriters?
A few days earlier, there was only one reply to my HN question: Ask HN: Where can I find a simple (open source) Rogue-like to modify? However, the above article or discussion, led me to: Explore Github
This is just two languages: CSS and javascript and available on github under explore. I already know a little CSS. "This collection of design libraries are the best on the web, and will complete your toolset for designing stunning products>"
Python Resources:
"if you know html and css, then django might be where to start because a lot of django is basically generating html and css, and if you're already familiar with them, that can help a lot

It's basically an add-on for python that lets you use python to generate websites

Perl, Python and Ruby are all very similar in a lot of ways..."

Type hinting for Python (HN)

Show HN: DevFreeBooks – A collection of free books for developers

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