Links to Hacker News discussions of my writing that spent time on the front page:

The Gray Zone
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Oh my god, It's a girl. (2010)
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Nothing But A Bunch of Boobs
Hotel Stays, Especially in Inclement Weather
Direct Primary Care: A real alternative under Obamacare
Direct Primary Care
A few posts on this site have a Hacker News tag, but I am not at all consistent about that. On Hacker News, my handle is Mz. As best I can tell, I have the most karma on HN of any openly female member.

I am still on the lookout for better terminology than "Old Boys Club" or "Boy Zone". I loathe the expression "The Patriarchy" and I think it mostly does not fit the issues of gender disparity seen on HN. I can think of one or two men there who strike me as staunch supporters of "The Patriarchy," but I think most men there are not actively trying to keep "little women" in "their place." They are mostly just human beings, who happen to be male, who don't know a better answer than the crappy situation we currently have. But, then, most women don't have better answers either and have much more vested interest in finding such answers. I see no reason to vilify men for such a prosaic shortcoming of happenstance.

In theory, I may start curating HN-related posts of mine here so y'all can know what juicy gossip relevant posts already exist. In practice, I don't know how much I shall flesh this out because it is all too often the case that what I write only gets any attention if it is guaranteed to be a shit show where people feel they can make ugly assumptions about me and yadda. I am not interested in promoting the shit show.

BUT, here are a few I actually would like folks to read:

Hacker News: How's that work?
How Do I Know I'm Number One?
An FYI to Drive By Assholes on HN
Grumpily Stomps Off FTW!
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Promoting Gender Parity Online
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Unimpressive Hacker News Post Mortem from Yesteryear
Front Row Seats

Useful HN-related tools:
Someday, when I have a real life, I hope to try AntiHN-BS. The top comment explains what it does, the bottom comment by the same member gives some instructions on how to install. Here is the direct link to the github repository for all you talented cowboys who don't need no stinkin instructions.

Custom Color Codes Discussion of custom color codes (for the HN top bar) with link to list of custom colors used. Reposted on 08/24/17: The most popular topbar colors (Mine was #10 the day this was posted).

HN Notify apparently died and has basically been replaced by HN Replies. This is helpful for keeping track of ongoing discussions. The difference between the two services: HN Notify also sent you an email every single time someone replied to a post of yours. HN Replies only notifies you of replies to comments, not posts. This has its good points in that your inbox does not blow up with a billion emails if you post an article that generates substantial discussion.

HN Rankings If you hit the front page, you can track your rank via this graphing tool. I found it very informative.

Days from Date Calculator I sometimes wonder what date a post or comment occurred. HN only shows "x days ago" and no dates. You can put a negative number in this calculator to retrieve a date for "x days ago." (I have not done a lot of testing of this but I want to be able to find it again. It indicates I joined the site on July 19, 2009. I know I joined late one summer, so that sounds about right.)

Tips/tidbits on how things work on HN:
Ask HN: How Hacker News post are ranked?
When to post a long article: Friday or Saturday
Markdown on HN


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