Stuff on this blog that probably gets me called the ugly F word.


What's in a name?
Bunch of stuff missing RIGHT HERE. Might be filled in later.
It Cuts Both Ways
(Insert Terrible Title HERE)
The Game
The Smell of Success
Feminist Dudes
PSA: I do not have a martyr complex
But What About The Children?
The Long Shadow of Biology and The Past
The Unfortunate F Word Rears Its Ugly Head
That's Slumlord-ess, Fool
Blaming the Object of Desire
The History of Women's Work
Women Eat Their Own
How to be a Modern Woman
Maybe I'm an idiot
InfoSec 1: Information Security for Women Online
Trying to Overcome "It Just Isn't Done" Syndrome


So Called Women's Rights
The Ugly F Word
They Say Leia and Han Kissed
One FLOHN Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Imperfect Reflections Pt 2: The Women of Aflac
Imperfect Reflections Pt 1: My Sister
When Women Need Support Post Election, Huff-Po Gets It Backwards
Being a Woman on the Internet
My Bugaboo about "Dating"
Damned if you do, damned if you don't
How Women are Disadvantaged in Salary Negotiations
Please Stop White Knighting
Profile of an Alpha Female Wolf
Pronouns and Paradox
Lady with an interesting mind
The Mist Principle
The Invisible Elephant in the Room
Project: Sheroes
Promoting Gender Parity Online
Challenges in Writing About Social Issues
Sexual Politics: What Most Women Are Doing Wrong
The Backstory (A tale of dealing with sexism at work)
A Few Good Men
If you run into a bear while walking in the woods
Before HN


How I got a man to do women's work and became the envy of my female coworkers
She's Just Getting Her MRS
Not Really Rude
A woman rants about man bashy stuff written by "women in tech"
First, Realize There is No Glass
Don't Ask Me For A Date in Front of 100k People
In Search of a More Constructive Answer
Lessons learned as a girl gamer
A Little Gem about Appearances and Exercising Power
Princesses Still Don't Start Starships
Money, Value and Women's Work
What a Fool Believes
Pranking the CEO to Further the Feminist Agenda
Hat's Off to the Men in Miniskirts in Turkey
Commentary on an Artist's Statement by the artist Leonard Nimoy
That new women-owned business, Nutbreakers
Some Raw Data on the Prominence of Women on HN
Of Glass Ceilings and Bridges


The real reason we aren't living in "sexual utopia"
Having a Sad
The Blood Brother Principle
Sobering Facts about Sexual Consent
Links on Maryam Mirzakhani, The First Fields Medalist in Two Demographics
A Decade Late and Millions Short
An Open Invitation to the Women of Hacker News
A Tale of Two Women and Hacker News
Body Politics: Women, Weight and Getting a Life
Visual Media and the Sexual Objectification of Women
My Boobs Can Too Run with the Big Dogs
Naming and Shaming: The Only Way to Win is Not to Play
Cult of The Moon Goddess: Feminism Done All Wrong
Living Safely is Not Mere Luck
On Beauty: Modern Lies, Underlying Meaning and Inherent Conflict
She's a Man, Baby
"I Love Lucy": A "Lifestyle Business" That Changed an Industry
Business, Courtship and Women
The Conundrum for a Heterosexual Business Woman
Princesses Don't Start Starships
The Creepiness of The Silence of the Lambs
Glass Walls: Partial Solution to The Glass Ceiling?
Grow A Set
The Gray Zone
Nothing But A Bunch of Boobs
Front Row Seats


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