Yes, I am Currently Homeless

Someone asked me what a day in my life is like. This is an edited version of what I told them:

I wake up usually between 6am and 7:30am without an alarm clock. I decide if it is warm enough to get up yet or not. I pee on a tree and leave for the park ahead of my sons. They meet me in the park for breakfast and then we head to the library. They usually only escort me part way, then take off because they walk faster than me and I only need help getting past the main road.

I spend an hour or so at a computer doing piddling things like Bing searches and reading webcomics and checking my mail and other minutiae. Then we do lunch. After lunch, my brain works well enough to write.

If I am having a good day, I prioritize doing paid writing because I am fond of eating and what not. If it is a not so good day, I may do a lot of blogging.

I often take a break in the afternoon for snacks with my kids or I go to the taco bell. We do snacks and drinks in the evening and then go home to our humble abode that lacks running water or electricity.

They watch videos or play games on the laptop. At the moment, I don't have a tablet. I might check HN and email on my cell phone briefly. I have some snacks and I go to sleep.

The individual to whom I replied was impressed with my positive attitude. I get that sometimes. I am getting well when that is not supposed to be possible. If you have any idea of what Cystic Fibrosis typically does to a person, well, in comparison to that, sleeping in a tent is the happy shiny version of my life where unicorn's fart rainbows.

That isn't to say my life isn't stressful. It is and I sometimes get pretty wrapped around the axle. If you are at all concerned about my welfare, doing any of the following things would be helpful to me (some involve actual money and some do not):

White list my sites on your ad blocker.
Give me feedback on my writing, such as by leaving comments.
Promote my writing on any of my sites in some way, such as sharing on social media.
Become a patron.
Hire me to do resume work.
Shop my Zazzle shop (or at least give me some feedback it).
Leave a tip. 

The tip jar is set up such that you can actually leave any whole dollar amount as a tip. You just pick a tip amount and change the number from 1 tip to whatever multiplier you like. You can also straight up gift me money via Pay Pal using my talithamichele gmail address.

Or, if you want the convenience of a payment button, but with larger, rounder numbers to work with, you can use this gift button from a joke site of mine. In fact, you can be the first to use it as no one has ever used it before. That makes you special.


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