My Old College Rail Plan

Before life got in the way, I was studying to become an Urban Planner. I spent substantial time doing research on a rail project in Solano County, including attending real world planning meetings.

I was pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Resource Management through CSU-Bakersfield in an online degree program. I remain a few classes short of my Bachelor's.

However, I did complete a Certificate in GIS from UC-Riverside in their GIS Summer School program, condensing what was normally a year-long certificate program into eight weeks. They didn't require a bachelor's degree to enroll, but GIS school was the equivalent of Master's level work.

For some of my classes in both of those programs, I researched the above mentioned real world project: An alternate plan for Solano County rail development. I then put it together in a horrifyingly ugly PowerPoint presentation (you have been warned -- if you value your eyesight, do not click the link to the original presentation on the site).

At the time, Solano County had only one train station on the Amtrak Capitol Corridor line. A quick google suggests this is still the case. The county has the longest stretch of that line without a stop (at least, within the Bay Area).

The county wanted to add three additional stations, but representatives from the cities within the county basically divided up the political pie first, and then a consultant was hired to pick specific locations. The meeting had no representation for Travis AFB, the largest employer in the county.

Three cities were elected to get rail stations, and then the consultant picked the "best" spots to locate the stations. Thus, the decision-making framework was broken from the start, and there was no hope that the consultant could choose optimal rail station locations for the county based on objective criteria.

In recent months, I have been transferring information from the original slide show to a new website and trying to clean it up:

Solano Rail
I would like to revive the project. I welcome feedback.



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