Prison Food in the Land of the Sleaze and the Home of the Depraved

Due to my medical condition, I frequently experience somatopsychic side effects, such as anxiety or mood swings. These are largely managed with diet.

Recently, I was experiencing a lot of inexplicable anger. Ultimately, we got it under control by upping my consumption of vitamin C.

This caused me to wonder if prisoners in the U.S. could be "reformed" in part by feeding them optimally so at to resolve any underlying nutritional issues contributing to their personal problems. So, one of my sons googled up an article about prison food. And it is far more horrifying than I imagined. Many prisoners in the U.S. -- one of the richest countries in the world -- are so underfed, they are essentially starving.

So much for my pie in the sky ideals. America's shortcomings are so much worse than I imagined that our prisoners would be better off if we simply fed them an adequate number of calories such that they stopped eating tooth paste and toilet paper to cope.

I was reminded of my desire to blog about this by a comment on Hacker News that noted that The USA has ~5% of the world's population but 22% of the world's prisoners. If Trump wants to make America great again, he can start by drastically reducing the number of people we imprison, then starve and also treat like slave labor. Geez.

I used to collect recyclables to help keep myself fed while homeless. I was both appalled and grateful for how cavalier Americans are about blithely littering. I was able to keep eating in part because of picking up the trash left behind by people who had far more money than I combined with far less respect for our land, laws and environment. It was during that time that I began using the expression "America: The land of the sleaze and the home of the depraved."

I am so disgusted, I made a T-shirt: America 2017: Land of the Sleaze, Home of the Depraved


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