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Titles are hard and they are harder still for some types of subject matter. So I am not going to bother to try to come up with something that tries to convey what this is about and also manages to not step in it. That seems like an incredibly tall order to fill. In fact, I suspect it cannot be done. Trying to tell you up front what I want to talk about probably cannot be done in a non-inflammatory manner and the whole point of this piece is that I hate how often people try to put out this fire with gasoline.

I posted a piece to Hacker News this morning about a rape case. I thought it was a good piece because the victim did not initially believe she was raped in part because of how drunk she was. She was not hateful. She was understanding and forgiving, yet the case did go to court and the young man has a sealed juvenile sentence.

I think it is a remarkably good and even-handed piece about such issues. This is why I posted it to HN. Sadly, it will probably get zero upvotes. In fact, I am surprised it has not yet been flagged to death. The title is pretty bad and inaccurate and such topics are hard to talk about. It is hard to find good writing on such topics. Even when you do, people are so predisposed to think the worst that you are fighting an uphill battle. It seems to be an impossible task.

I then continued on about my merry way checking the news. I ran across the latest update concerning Kathy Griffin's terrible faux pas that is well on its way to sinking her career, which is probably a harsher punishment than she deserves and that makes it hard for me to know what to say about the topic to be even-handed and not just add to the pile on.

My first thought upon seeing the initial story on this a day or so ago was something to the effect of "Well, that was a bad call on her part and this is why she remains on the D list." because I recall her having a book or something called "My life on the D list." My feeling is that if you want to take on the president, you need to up your game. If you are still trying to figure this out to this degree, you need to go after smaller targets.

But I don't much follow politics and I am concerned about how much backlash this is having for Kathy Griffin. It seems excessive and I am well aware that if you can't get work at all, this is genuinely life destroying. So I wanted to look up the remarks about Megyn Kelly she cited as inspiration for her attempt to critique the president and I found this history of Trump's feud with Megyn Kelly.

I am not going to dig deeper than that. Megyn likely has legitimate points, but it seems this whole thing hinges on Trump's infamous remark "you can grab them in the pussy" and the fact that much has been made about how this is evidence he is a rapey bastard and sexual predator. Also, it started while he was running for office.

My feeling is that Trump could handle this better and really should up his game now that he is president and not just a presidential candidate. But heterosexual men are routinely assumed to be guilty with no hope of really defending themselves. So, I am going to talk about something I have long thought but hesitated to say because I am sure many people will decry it as me being a "rape apologist," a thing I have been accused of in the past for trying to build bridges instead of trying to hang all men high all the time.

My interpretation of the remark Trump made to the effect that if you are rich and successful enough as a man you can "grab them in the pussy" is that women show up all hot and bothered and ready to sleep with you. The reality is that men don't typically need warm up to want genital contact. Many of them are happy to start there. But women typically don't want genital contact until after they are all hot and bothered, and it typically takes time to get there. They don't typically show up ready to get down to sexy times immediately.

So, I think Trump feels wrongfully accused and probably rightly so. He has no way to defend his remark, which people are simply not letting go, and it is a very personal and ugly thing to accuse him of being a sexual predator for testifying that his experience as a rich and successful heterosexual man is that women basically throw themselves at you. The ugly truth is that many women are basically gold diggers and basically get hot for a man with money. I have seen plenty of evidence for that fact, though it boggles my mind because I am absolutely not wired that way.

The world is a shitty place full of shitty people. Geez.

I hope the President and his people will lighten up some on both Megyn Kelly and Kathy Griffin. It is not lost on me that women tend to take it much harder than men when there is a conflict of this sort and the President should be setting the tone for the nation. This is not the kind of tone I want to see. He should be building bridges, not fighting fire with fire internally.

But the nation also needs to stop trying to crucify President Trump for the crime of being a heterosexual male and trying to comment on his firsthand experience that if you are rich enough, some women will show up all hot and bothered and not need any time to warm up. His inability to say that well and in a politically correct fashion is not proof that he is a rapist or even a sexual predator. Given how much baggage the world has about sex, it is an incredibly hard point to make at all, no matter how you try to frame it.

(Sits back and waits for reactions to this blog post to turn into a shit show while I get spastic that people can't see that is evidence that proves my point rather than evidence that I am evil incarnate.)


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