Change is afoot

I closed yesterday's cranky post with the line Because god knows no one listens to a fucking thing I say. And I still feel that way, but...

This morning, I submitted a Forbes piece to Hacker News with an interesting title before reading the entire thing. Sadly, I actually have a long history of submitting half read items to Hacker News. Whether or not I read through the whole thing has zero correlation to how well it does on the site. Some things I never bothered to read all the way through did incredibly well, spending substantial time on the front page and generating substantial discussion.

You people are smarter than me and those articles were actually meaty. I could not cope with wading all the way through some of them, but I thought you would like them and in some cases you did.

But, apparently, that was when things I submitted made it to the front page based on merit alone. I appear to be getting more attention and respect on HN here lately. To my surprise, this piece popped up on the front page as I was reading through it and discovering what an atrocious fluff piece it is. Fortunately, it was soon flagged to death.

To be fair, Forbes is a respected publication, not known for producing this kind of crap and the title was really good: The Shocking Doomsday Maps of the World and the Billionaire Escape Plans. Had this piece had any real substance, it should have been a good read. What with global warming and other drama in the world today, there is no reason this had to be a fluff piece.

In fact, I thought it would have more substance or I wouldn't have submitted it. Earlier this year I saw an article where Sam Altman talked about having land in Australia and his doomsday plans should things go to hell.

Of course, this is yet another reason I don't like the man. In addition to my criticisms from yesterday about his fantasies that UBI will fix what tech giants are helping to break, he writes articles about creating the future, but apparently is not confident that he can create a future in which the 99 percent don't want his head on a pike. Given my opinions of his pro UBI views, he may be right about that.

But, I digress. Time to up my game and at least make sure I am not submitting some ridiculous fluff piece, regardless of the esteem of the publication in which it appears. Because I am sort of amused, appalled and chagrined that this made it briefly to the front page.

It makes me feel weirdly like people might be checking things I submit in part because I submitted them. Whoopsie. With power comes responsibility.


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