Grumpily Stomps Off FTW!

So, I was commenting on Hacker News the other day. I left some restrained comment in the latest installment of pointlessly measuring "Just how much sexism is there really?" discussions instead of people, you know, doing something about the problem. And someone replied to it, and then I vented a little at him with this comment, which I closed with:

(Throws hands up in air. Grumpily stomps off.)

And then this apparently decent human being went and left a comment in my otherwise essentially ignored query. The two comments there -- but especially his -- are some of the most useful things ever said to me on Hacker News.

Maybe I should stomp off like a grumpy three year old more often.

Anyway, I am working on that project and thank you to the two decent humans who actually fucking* answered my question. It was remarkably useful to me, more than you might think. I am busily working on developing the project in question.


This is being posted to HN in the vague hope that the two individuals in question might stumble across it and feel thanked. I am so fucking tired of the bitchfest about sexism. I would really like these two people to feel thanked for actually doing something constructive and answering a woman's question instead of the usual crickets chirping when a woman tries do something businesswise, meanwhile people enthusiastically sit around measuring and arguing about just how much sexism do we have, hmmmm?

* (That isn't cussing "at" you two. Like a lot of teens, I use the f word kind of like others use the word very. No, I'm not a teen.)


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