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How to fix America's financial relationship to healthcare

Yesterday, I posted the Wikipedia page on Direct Primary Care to Hacker News. It got no upvotes, but I submitted it to try to get this information out there:

One of the lesser known provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act can be found in Section 1301 (and amendment Section 10104). This provision allows for direct primary care to compete with traditional health insurance options in the mandated Health insurance exchange when combined with a low cost high deductible plan.
I probably cannot find a good article that says what I want it to say and, based on the reactions to the FPP I did on Metafilter the day before, I think I probably need to give some background information anyway.

I worked in insurance for over 5 years. My employer, a major insurance company on the Fortune 500 list, paid for 3 months training for me to even start the job. So I know how insurance is supposed to be used. Some kinds of insurance are good, but, really, the way basic health insurance …

How I got a man to do women's work and became the envy of my female coworkers

In my teens, I was one of the top three students of my graduating high school class. I had the highest SAT scores of that class. Based on those SAT scores, I won a National Merit Scholarship to the University of Georgia, one of the more prestigious institutions in the state where I was born and raised. People expected me to have a serious career. People thought I would be a self made millionaire by age 30.

But I ended up declining my scholarship and getting married at age 19 to my high school sweetheart. For a long time, I was a full time military wife and homeschooling mom. Then I got divorced.

Thus, in my early forties, after spending a lot of years in a very traditionally female role, I found myself the head of household and primary breadwinner in a household of three people. The other two were my sons, in their late teens when I got my corporate job.

At some point, I sat my sons down and I said "I am now the primary breadwinner, but I still load the dishwasher at least onc…