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It Was Obsolete Before We Opened The (Pandora's) Box

Thoughts on Basic Income by a homeless woman.

I am really tired of hearing people talk about Basic Income. I understand that automation has created a problem. Lots of people are out of work because robots or software or whatever is taking over jobs. We had a similar issue when we went through the Industrial Revolution. The result was that we created the 40 hour work week. We maybe need to do something similar. We maybe need to make sure that even part time jobs have benefits.

But Basic Income is just a disaster waiting to happen. I fervently hope we do not implement it.

I have a few questions for people who think this is a good idea:

Who gets Basic Income?

Every individual? No matter how high their current income? Or is it based on family unit and current low income levels? If you base it on lack of income, you actively disincentivize working. If you don't make it every individual, then you aren't going to begin to institute any kind of financial equality. If you operate on …