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It Seems To Be A Freaking Unicorn I Desire

You might think that a woman who has been celibate for a decade and has no man in her life would spend very little time thinking about men. If you think that is true of me, oh, ha ha. I spend a high percentage of my time thinking about such things. This morning, I am more aggravated than usual by that fact.

I have had a lot on my mind here lately on this topic. Various conversations and what not have fostered some personal epiphanies. Then, this morning, I had a dream about the topic and I am wrapped around the axle and in serious need of somehow getting unwrapped. Hopefully, blogging about it will do the trick.

In the dream, I have gotten a job again at BigCo and I am interacting with the department head. In spite of how I quit before -- and in the dream I was only gone six months (reality: 3.5+ years) -- he is hoping to groom me to be his administrative assistant. This is a fairly status-y and well-paid job but it sure as hell isn't the equivalent of his position. Instead, it se…

Princesses Still Don't Start Starships

In a previous post, I talked about how it has become a running joke between me and my sons that "Princesses don't do x," a reference to a scene in an old Buck Rogers TV show where Princess Ardala cannot go start the starship to aid in their escape because "Princesses don't start starships." I actually comicked about that as well at some point: Princesses Don't Carry Purses. For that matter, I turned it into a T-shirt, though I don't think anyone has ever bought one.

If you don't want to read the previous post -- and it's kind of poorly written so I don't think anyone should really want to read it -- the short version is that I was a homemaker for a long time with something of a male chauvinist pig husband and two sons who never learned to cook. Then I got divorced and became the primary breadwinner and my sons took over most of the women's work at home. At that point, I began doing a lot of the same things men often do (and get vil…

I might need to actually participate in the political process

I visited CVS Pharmacy this morning, swiped my discount card and printed this week's coupons and specials for little ole me. One of them was a free bag with a discount for certain items and said "see this week's ads" or something. I talked to someone working there to get clarification. I was basically reminded that California passed a ban on plastic bags and they expect to have to discontinue using them at some point.

I looked at the reusable shopping bag they were giving away for free. It is a piece of crap, made from materials we would not want on us. I decided to not get my free bag. It had a tag on it announcing that you need to wash it between uses in order to avoid spreading disease via food born pathogens.

Ugh. I have a compromised immune system. I believe it is possible to get me well, but I can only stay healthy if I can stay on top of not exposing myself to pathogens.  I discussed it with my sons and wondered if we should consider leaving the state of Cali…

Money, Value and Women's Work

Yesterday, I tripped across this article on Metafilter: “Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor and I posted it to Hacker News. Given that the piece is fairly man-bashing, it unsurprisingly got no upvotes and no comments there. I also commented in the discussion on Metafilter. I am now having mixed feelings about both choices.

I like the title of the piece. I am good at the social and emotional stuff and have often felt taken advantage of. It clearly has value for people, yet most people do act like I should do it out of the goodness of my heart. Thus, the idea of demanding my cut does have a certain appeal.

But I think the article is wrong about some important things. The article essentially asserts that emotional labor by women is unpaid because of some diabolical plot to enslave women and not pay women so men can have all the power and money. I do not think this is true.

First, I think society's aversion to paying for emotional labor is rooted in the reality that it creat…


While I was in a hotel, I watched an episode of Teen Titans Go that started with this pee pee dance bit. After suffering so much for so long with intestinal problems, it was surprisingly amusing and cathartic. I would have thought it would have bothered me. No, it cracked me up.

My oldest son downloaded it yesterday to our new tablet. I think he had been showering while I and his brother watched thus particular episode and we told him about it later. He could not find the full episode online, but he did find the pee pee dance. I watched it about half a dozen times last night. I am still finding it enjoyable in a gleeful-toddler-meets-convalescing-old-person kind of way.

After checking out of the hotel and resuming my usual routine of walking for three hours or more every day to get around, my intestinal problems ratcheted back up a bit. It was stressing me out, but it did not return to outright torture. This morning, for the first time in three weeks or more, walking is not making me …

Tragic mix up at hospital provides unique twin study opportunity

In a life immitates art moment, two sets of identical twins, one set from the country and one from the city, got mixed up when they all ended up at the same hospital in Bogota. This same plot point kicks off the movie Big Business. In the movie, it is two sets of female identical twins and they become pivotal in some important business dealing issue. I don't recall all the details. In real life, it is two sets of male identical twins and it was just coincidence and happenstance that brought them together, without them playing some pivotal role in some business plot.

The New York times did a mostly human interest style piece on it called The Mixed Up Brothers of Bogota I submitted it to Hacker News, but it got zero upvotes and no comments. The title and the formatting just did not grab folks there. This is unfortunate because it really is a unique scientific opportunity. I did dig up a second piece with a better title:

Nature vs Nurture: Two Pairs of Identical Twins Interchanged at…


I ended up spending three nights in a hotel. I only planned to stay two, but I woke up Friday morning and was clearly not travel-worthy. I called the front desk and extended for one night and spent most of the day in bed, running a raging fever.

My sons didn't manage to get shaved until that day anyway. There were a lot of things that didn't happen until that day. I am frustrated at how much money I have blown through but also really glad I had it for taking care of myself at this critical juncture. The hexavalent chromium is being dumped and probably most of the dregs of the parasitic infection are also being mopped up. A whole lot is going down and I needed the extra support.

I slept better on nights two and three than I expected to. Apparently, the feather pillows were not the full explanation for why I only slept six hours the first night. After that first night, they didn't bother me as much as I expected.

My gut is not right yet, but the worst of the drama is over. I…

Better than a hospital

So, I stayed in a hotel last night. I reserved it for two nights. I took a bus to get here, saving me all kinds of walking, which was a huge, huge relief. There is a Chipotle close by and I splurged and got a fairly big meal -- taco, large cheese quesadilla, large bag of chips, and three sides -- and wolfed most of it down like a person who has barely eaten for a week, because I barely ate for about a week.I took a bath last night. If you are constipated and having trouble taking anything orally, a bath can do wonders for hydrating your gut. I am no longer trying to suppress screams of pain on the toilet. Yay! I told my son to buy me some salt today. A salt water bath will be even more effective.I told my sons they are on their own for lunch. I will get take-out from Chipotle again. Other than that, I plan to basically lay in bed all day.The tablet is supposedly ready for pick up and my oldest son knows where to go. There are some other things I would like them to get done, like hair …

TMI about my butt

If you don't want to read about my ongoing butt issues, then just skip this post. Mmmkay? You have been warned. I don't want to hear your complaints. Thanks.

Before we get to that, I saw some book title a few weeks back. A quick search tells me the proper title is "The earth, my butt and other big round things." I was misremembering it as "The moon, my butt and other big round things." and that kind of in my mind leads to "The moon, my butt and other big shiny white round things."

So, the organic yogurt is helping. The unbudging geological formations of red Georgia clay have turned into smallish pebbles of semi-hard clay stuck together with tar. I am having fewer fears that my butt will never work again. It seems to be improving. It is still torture and I am exhausted.

I actually messed my pants, apparently three separate times today. Ugh. This is only the second time in 3.5 years on the street, in spite of my serious gut problems and medical issu…

Wait and see

I have spent the past four days barely eating and frequently laying on the side of the road, waiting for my heart rate and respiration to improve sufficiently for me to able to walk again. It has been hugely frustrating and huge head trip. Today, I got to the library very late because I napped in the park until nearly 1pm before I was up to walking to the edge of the park and again calling a cab, just like I did yesterday.

In spite of how tired I was, I basically felt okay and just didn't want to wind up putting myself through hell and I call my cab from the edge of the park, exactly where I called it from yesterday. Thus, I am waiting in the exact same spot I was in yesterday at a similar time of day and for a lot less time. Yesterday, no one so much as slowed down to looky-loo. Today, people keep pulling off the road to ask if I am okay. I said I was okay, I just couldn't finish my walk this morning and I was waiting on a ride and had called someone, but if they were offerin…

The Ongoing Adventures

Yeah, so the ordeal continues. I had to call a cab to pick me up from the side of the road to get me to the library just before 1:00pm so I could get lunch some time today. Oh. God.

I spent the entire morning walking a bit, then collapsed in the shade somewhere. Most of this was in a public park, so I at least was not hassled by anyone. My sons took care of me for part of that, then I sent them on ahead when there was nothing more they could do for me.

I look like a cross between Night Of The Living Dead and some hot babe who just had a makeover. If you can overlook the dark circles under my eyes and how gaunt I look from barely eating for three days and being in so much pain for two weeks, my complexion looks amazing and my hair is gorgeous.

So, shockingly, it seems that if you remove seriously poisonous shit from your system, it improves your complexion. Who woulda thunk?! They should announce this on the news somewhere: Stop poisoning the planet and you can spend a fuck-ton less m…

Can you say "reverse osmosis filtration"?

Well, in the good news column: I LOVE MY "new" BANK! I had my alimony Friday the 3rd in spite of it being a banking holiday. God, I get my money on the third with these folks so much more often than I did with my previous bank. It was much more common with my last bank to get my money on the 4th, 5th or 6th, may they burn in hell.

The fact that I had money has made the past couple of days a lot more bearable. I don't know how I would have gotten through it without that saving grace. Details ensue and they aren't pleasant if you want to nope out now.

So, Friday morning, among my meager resources was a $5 Starbucks gift card (from a reward program I participate in). I went to get a small hot mocha coffee and get some things done on the wifi that needed to be done that morning, chiefly making sure I got my freelance money this week in spite of the library being closed. So I logged in and did that and then checked my bank balance and was thrilled to find I had my alim…

Personal update

For kind people who were worried about me: After much fretting and cursing, I am currently on track to be okay through Friday. So if money shows up Saturday, I will be gold. In addition to getting alimony, I have freelance money coming this week. In the past, my freelance money typically made it to my bank on Monday, but in recent weeks it has been showing up consistently on Saturday. Even if it shows up Saturday, I still need to earn a few more dollars for that money to get us comfortably through the weekend. So while it is not yet in the bag, the odds of being fine look really good. In fact, if my alimony does show up Saturday, I will probably go to a Starbuck's (because the library will be closed Friday and Saturday) and order a cheap tablet that day to replace the one I have that is falling apart (so that next month will be even betterer).I am still grumpy about a few things, but it looks like I am okay for now and, between having moved someplace cheaper than San Diego County …