Hat's Off to the Men in Miniskirts in Turkey

I am a little fed up with the amount of man-hating bitchiness I have been running into online of late. I have been at a loss as to what to do next. Then, yesterday, a delightful bright spot in my day was this story about men in Turkey taking a stand against violence against women by donning miniskirts and either marching in the streets or tweeting pics of themselves:

Men in miniskirts take stand for women's rights in Turkey

Here are additional related articles:

Turkish Men Are Wearing Miniskirts to Fight for Women’s Rights

Turkish Men Wear Miniskirts In Support Of Women’s Rights After Brutal Murder

Here are twitter entries under the Turkish language hashtag they are using:


I figured out while still a teenager that the antidote to bad men is not hating all men, it is seeking the company of decent men. A shout out to all the men in miniskirts in Turkey:

Thank you for being a bright spot in my day and I hope you do see gains for women's rights in your country.

I am just very sorry a young woman had to be brutally murdered first.


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