Some Raw Data on the Prominence of Women on HN

The initial portion is an edited version of a private message I sent to someone who was looking for data on gender discrimination in STEM.

I know of a smidgeon of data on the rankings of women on Hacker News. Hacker News is a funnel for Y-Combinator, which is a tech startup incubator. You have to be a member of HN to even apply. If you don't have an account, you have to create one in order to apply. One of the businesses that got funding and support through Y-Combinator is AirBnB. So getting support there can help lead to really big success.

The wife of Paul Graham is one of the founders of YC. Her account has very little karma. The wife of the top name on the leaderboard also has very little karma. I appear to currently be the highest ranked openly female member with a bit over 9k karma.* The bottom of the leaderboard is currently at nearly 17k. My karma has about doubled in the last year.

Here are a few blog posts I have written related to the topic:
Front Row Seats

Unimpressive Hacker News Post Mortem from Yesteryear

A quiet little victory for me and for HN

Other than my personal observations and inquiries and my own blog posts, I know of no other source for info on this topic.

jl is PG's wife (in other words, Paul Graham's wife). As I understand it, she is one of the cofounders of Y-Combinator, along with Paul Graham. As of this writing, her karma is at 2983. Her average is very high (15.14), but she doesn't post much.

elptacek wife of tptacek, the guy with a firm first place lead on the leaderboard at over 200k karma. As of this writing, she has 1177 karma. She has also been largely inactive for the past two years. Ironically, her only comments (at least under this handle) during the last couple of years have been in a discussion of gender discrimination: Linky

Original discussion on HN of Front Row Seats, retitled On the Prominence of Women on HN

The discussion on HN where I asked who else was female.

* Correction: I actually have nearly 10k karma. I didn't look at my karma before dashing off the above missive.


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