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The real reason we aren't living in "sexual utopia"

So, it's the holidays. Things are a bit slow on some of the forums where I hang. I ended up reading an article of a sort I have a tendency to avoid. Here is the link, its title and an excerpt:
On Nerd Entitlement

Heterosexuality is fucked up right now because whilst we've taken steps towards respecting women as autonomous agents, we can't quite let the old rules go. We have an expectation for, a craving for of a sexual freedom that our rhetoric, our rituals and our sexual socialisation have not prepared us for. And unfortunately for men, they have largely been socialised - yes, even the feminist-identified ones - to see women as less than fully human.

This, incidentally, is why we're not living in a sexual utopia of freedom and enthusiastic consent yet despite having had the technological capacity to create such a utopia for at least 60 years. Men are shamed for not having sex; women are shamed for having it.
I couldn't disagree more with much of what the article …

Imposter Syndrome? Or Just a Screwed up Culture?

There is currently discussion on Hacker News about this blog post about so called Impostor Syndrome. Okay, not intending to talk trash about the author. He means well and some of his advice is no doubt useful. But, like most people, he is treating it like it is an individual problem instead of the product of the culture in which we live. In some ways, that may just do more harm than good, putting it back on the individual in a way that suggests that "you are just neurotic" when I think the reality is that this has a lot to do with how the world shapes us. If it is as common as people claim it is, that suggests it isn't coming from the individual. It is coming from the environment.

I was in gifted programs from an early age. I do not recall all the programs. I do recall that I could already read when I started kindergarten, that I was in some sorted of gifted thing in second grade, that I was in Algebra in 8th grade and State Alternate for the Governor's Honors progr…