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Nightmare Fuel: A World of Nothing But Consumers

I got married at age 19 to another 19 year old. He joined the army. Our first child arrived the day after I turned 22. When I was not quite 24.5, I had our second child. Just before that child turned two, we all returned to the U.S. (from Germany). Upon our return, we visited a bunch of relatives, whom we had not seen in nearly four years, including my husband's mother.

My mother-in-law was living in a two bedroom apartment with one of her daughters and that daughter's two small children. Between her job and alimony and the daughter getting welfare benefits, their household income was very similar to ours. Additionally, much like our household, theirs was made up of two adults and two small children. Also like our household, only one of those adults held down a paid job.

Yet, they were living in poverty and we were middle class. We had just bought a new car and we ended up buying a house the following year. They had a very different experience of their lives than we were hav…

Yeah, So, I Briefly Used to Kind of Be Someone in the Online Gifted Community

I wrote an an answer to a question about a very challenging student with problems. The answer is rooted in my experiences raising and homeschooling my own really challenging sons but it is also informed by my experiences in working (unpaid volunteer work, but still work) in the online gifted community. For a time, I belonged to some email lists. I ended up volunteering to moderate one of them and was soon (after like 2 weeks) offered a directorship for the project, which was trying to make the transition from Voluntary Health and Welfare Organization to tax deductible charity. I served as Director of Community Life for about six months and then life kind of got in the way and I stepped down, shortly before my health went utterly to hell. My health was already failing, more than I realized, and that was a factor in my departure from that position, a much bigger factor than I understood at the time.

So I don't have a degree in gifted education or whatever, but, for a time, I was so…