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Moderating, Monetization and Community

Yesterday, we all got the news that Metafilter is downsizing. It is big news and made the front page of Hacker News. I wish I could help solve the monetization problem there. I value MetaFilter a great deal and I have a lot of past experience in building online communities.

At one time, I was Director of Community Life for The Tag Project. In other words, I was supposed to be in charge of the volunteer moderating staff across multiple lists for a voluntary health and welfare organization that was in the midst of trying to make the transition to tax deductible charitable organization. Due largely to my health issues, I moved on. When I returned to their homeschooling list at a later date, the site had a new owner (one of the other directors) and making it a charitable organization was no longer a goal.

I later founded a subforum on Cyburbia for "Citizen Planners" (now defunct). In a previous post on my blog, I said: I was an active participant on the World's Foremost P…

Visual Media and the Sexual Objectification of Women

I just wrote this on MetaFilter. I like it. (No, I am not going to edit it.)

I kind of suspect that visual media use the male thing of visual sex appeal out of laziness. It is convenient. It fits in nicely with the fact that it's, you know, a visual media to begin with.

I am nearly 49 and female. I used to write my own "porn" as part of therapy. Really, a very big thing for me as a girl is strong emotion and emotional attachment. I struggle with how on earth to convey that and portray that. It took me a long time to even learn what worked for me. Being molested as a kid, the thing about that is that my feelings were the main thing that were ignored.

Something I almost never talk about is that, honestly, the biggest problem was not that some guy did things to me I did not want. I could have relatively easily washed that off (in fact, I kind of did -- until I got a boyfriend and how relatives reacted to THAT was what seriously fucked up my head). The much, much bigger p…

My Boobs Can Too Run with the Big Dogs

In the discussion on Hacker News that I referenced in yesterday's blogpost, I ended up saying to a new-ish female member:

HN used to be a lot rougher. I probably have the second highest karma of any openly female member. I used to get badly raked over the coals. I think a) yeah, there is room for improvement on HN b) I have been in even worse sexist business/professional situations, so it took me a while to connect the dots and realize it was a sexism thing. So I think you probably do need a thick skin and more savvy about how to deal with such things if you are going to make it in business. This is really not that horrible, in the grand scheme of things.

Mz on HN
With writing that, it occurred to me I have been pretty openly critical of Hacker News of late and I have probably hurt a lot of feelings and male egos with my comments about how badly I was once treated when the reality is that I have always had a fairly high opinion of Hacker News. I decided I would like to write a …

Naming and Shaming: The Only Way to Win is Not to Play

There was an excellent discussion on Hacker News yesterday about the article It's Different for Girls. I made quite a few comments there and refrained from making some I wanted to make because I felt it would be too much from one person. Then I logged off. A lot more got discussed after I left and one of the things many people advocated for is naming and shaming the "bad guys."

Let's pretend you haven't read Heidi's side of this first. Instead, let's pretend you are the drinking buddy of the guy who stuck her hand on his penis. You and he get together for drinks later that night or sometime later that week and he bemoans how he hit on this gal, she was mortified, it was a terrible experience and also this business deal fell through. His side of it may go something like this:

"We got along so well. She was so friendly. I really liked her. I thought she was as into me as I was into her. And she willingly put her hand under the table. I thought I had he…