I never made it to the library yesterday (Friday). Thursday night, my oldest son threw up. He is having a major trypanosoma die-off event.  We spent all day yesterday dealing with that. He does not think he has had a major die-off event before.  He now says he thinks I am completely right about them poisoning a person as they die and he has had a lot to say about the very defeatist emotional state it has caused.  he has a lot more sympathy for my long history of being depressed, suicidal and saying things like "what is the point?" or "why bother?"

I had thought I would write a long post about the details of the last two days but I likely won't have the time. When closing my eyes last night, I had images from one of the Star Trek series, "Enterprise" to be exact.  Specifically: T'Pol in decontamination. In short, I think I will be well soon. 


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