The World Has Lost Its Ever Loving Mind

I am homeless. I do freelance writing and I blog. I am not pro Basic Income. Instead, I think we very much need to work on the issue of affordable housing and resolve that.

I am having a really shitastic month. Here lately, I have enormous difficulty getting online with my tablet. When I finally fucking got online this morning, I see replies to me on Hacker News from yesterday telling me stuff like this:
And you seem to miss the fact that with UBI you have no incentive to live and stay in an expensive area.

For the deposit amount on an average house where I live I would cover 80% of the cash price of a bigger house country side. But you know, I'd have no work.

The problem is not housing, the problem is cramming all the work in cities. My last 3 jobs could've been done remotely, I asked and was always denied even while offering to take a pay cut.

I and many like me despise living in cities, we do not live there by choice. I've slightly moved out of a big one (London) b…

So You Are Telling Me You Just Aren't Picky About Who Your Slaves Are

Some weeks back, I was again involved in a discussion on Hacker News concerning the ongoing issue that I sometimes call The Ad Blocker Wars. People don't want ads on their content and content producers don't readily know how else to effectively make money. As ad money dries up, in an effort to make up for the shortfall, ads become even more obnoxious, aggressive and in your face. This fact then pushes yet more people into the camp of "Fuck you, I am using an ad blocker!"This is true not just for small time operators like me. This problem is also taking a serious toll on well established publications with professional staff consistently producing very high quality content. Here lately, the top comments on HN in discussion of pieces from Forbes seem to routinely be about how unreadable the site is due to aggressive, obnoxious ads instead of being about the actual article.I repeated part of the discussion to my sons. Many people on HN are well paid programmers. They ten…

How to Effectively Donate Tech Skills

In this Ask HN, someone posted an article that talks about how most volunteering is really a waste of everyone's time. Sadly, I agree with a lot of points in the article, but the article does say: The primary way to usefully volunteer is to have a specialized skill that can be effectively deployed by the organization, but that rarely seems to happen. I am a former military wife and homeschooling mom. Over the years, I did a great deal of volunteer work. I also have a strong academic background and I tend to be generally pretty competent. My experiences with volunteering are that if you actually get stuff done and add value, people are thrilled to have a good volunteer. Further, you can largely do whatever you want for the organization, assuming it actually supports their mission and adds real value.

Some years ago, I did an internship at a small local homeless shelter. It was a requirement for the class I was taking in Homelessness and Public Policy. After the internship en…

My Son Tells Me I am an Anarchist

I was telling my sons the other day that "I really am...a something...and can't quite think of the right word." I then told them an anecdote I was thinking of. Someone on Hacker News posted a comment to the effect of "Blow me. (Justification for their earlier aggressive remark)." and I replied "You are telling a mod to blow you. This is probably not a wise move." Then they deleted their comment and I deleted mine and hopefully the mods never saw either one.

We then talked for a bit about how I raised my two sons, how HN does not put notification next to mod names that they are mods -- and I agree with this, because the best mods are good hosts and hostesses, not simply The Forum Police -- and reasons why I figure it makes sense to inform this individual of a thing that I assume they didn't know. The fact that they then deleted it makes me feel I am right.

My sons tossed out a few words like revolutionary to try to help me complete my incomplet…

My Horse is Higher Than Yours!

Me trying to make the point that these holier than thou types aren't going to back up their ridiculous boasts. God, I hate stuff like that.

My dad served his country for 26.5 years. He fought in two wars. He had a purple heart.

He could not get additional life insurance due to the shrapnel in his eye that could have moved into his brain and killed him on a moment's notice. It also caused blind spells. After he died, I learned that his blind spells were part of why he was so often unemployed when I was a child.

He had a serious heart condition and blood clots. He had cancer twice, possibly in part due to being exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam, though he had the wrong kind of cancer to get any money out of the government for it.

He dislocated his shoulder for the first time while the army was trying to teach him how to ski for some damn reason. One of his classmates was an Olympic skier who pretended to know nothing at the start. The Olympic skier got the "most improv…

Imperfect Reflections Pt 4: Jessamyn West

This was originally going to be Part 3 of this series of posts. The series stalled for a bunch of different reasons, but it stalled where it did in part because I had no desire for this to be mistaken as a poison pen piece. Early first drafts were not going well, for reasons I hope will become apparent and are not due to malice.

Jessamyn West is Employee Number One on Metafilter -- or was. A couple of years or so ago, she retired from her role as lead moderator there. At some point, I saw her say she was on the board at Wikipedia. She has been interviewed by the white house, who wanted her professional opinion about who to hire as a librarian for the Library of Congress. She has her own Wikipedia page if you really want to know more about her and have never heard of her before.

I internet met her not too many months after I went homeless when someone gifted me a membership to Metafilter in hopes of helping me sort out my problems. For me, "meeting" her was a very painful …

The Smell of Success

So, I know I have made serious inroads for women being able to open their mouths on Hacker News because of the uptick in relatively new women getting on my fucking nerves.

They don't know nor appreciate how hard I have worked to make those inroads happen (#notjustme, of course, but I have put my back into this for a long, long time). They just take it for granted that, of course, women can talk comfortably here! Duh!

They think they are cute or some shit and make nitpicky comments about things I say. To add insult to injury, they then add remarks like "I am female, if it matters."

Success so often smells like manure that I wonder sometimes why the fuck I do the things I do.